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Brow Razors – Two Tri-Fold Grooming Tools For Eyebrows

Brow Razors – Two Tri-Fold Grooming Tools For Eyebrows

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Clean up your brows by removing excess, unwanted hair above and between your brows using these gentle razors. Your eyebrows will look like they’ve been touched up by a professional.

  • Ophthalmologist & Dermatologist Tested
  • Rust-Proof
  • Professional Grade
  • Gentle on Facial Skin
  • Ideal for Use Between Tweezing & Waxing

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For a professional-looking brow touch-up, grab these two rust-proof, professional-grade razors. They gently and seamlessly remove excess hair growth above and between the brows; be careful not to use the tri-fold tool under the brow, as the soft skin often sits at an angle that is too close to the thin skin of the eyelids — tweezers work best in this area. You can also remove any peach fuzz from the face using these razors with out the risk of cutting or irritating the skin. By doing so, you’ll realize immediately how the tiny blades exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling softer and suppler than ever; doing this especially improves face makeup application as well since you’ll have a smooth base to start off with. When using the tool, make small strokes in the opposite direction of your hairs’ growth angle. Use these in combination with tweezers and scissors for the ultimate at-home brow care kit.



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