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Tonya Crooks

Master Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist, the Co-Creator of Arches & Halos and the Arches & Halos Creative Director

Tonya Crooks is one of the foremost eyebrow stylists in the world. Her celebrity clientele is unparalleled. Her following includes major, and we mean major movie, TV, musicians and even Princess from around the world. They all seek her brow grooming guidance.

For over 20 years Tonya’s Beverly Hills CA Brow Styling Salon has been the go to place to get your brows the professional make over. A brow magician Tonya’s clients call her THE Brow Gal.

Tonya’s artistry and skill is now translated to Arches & Halos so anyone at home can make their brows naturally their best beauty asset. With the Arches & Halos collection of Brow Grooming, Brow Shaping, Brow Filling and Brow Defining tools you can be assured the product the highest professional quality. Just follow Tonya’s 6 simple steps to the perfect brow. Watch the brow magic happen before your eyes. Embodied Brows. Embodied Beauty. Be Bold. Be You. Be Light.

Welcome to the World of Arches & Halos Professional Eyebrow Care!

Arches & Halos is dedicated to providing all women, no matter their eyebrow type, simple and easy to use, Eyebrow Grooming, Shaping and Coloring tools and tips. By following Tonya Crook’s simple step-by-step eyebrow maintenance instructions and using the Arches & Halos professional quality brow tools, anyone can enhance their eyebrows, and become their inner goddess.

Tonya Crooks, the worlds most celebrated celebrity brow expert and the co-founder and creator of Arches & Halos, has groomed thousands of eyebrows in her Los Angeles brow boutique, on TV and Movie stages and fashion runways around the world. She is a “brow magician”. Tonya is extremely discerning about the tools she uses. Her eyebrow care and maintenance techniques actually transform eyes to become the window to the soul.

Eyebrows, those tiny hairs that frame each eye, when groomed, styled and colored properly make your eyes your #1 beauty statement. Subtle, yet Bold your eyebrows become your new natural looking beauty hero, possessing superpowers, never to be missed, nor forgotten.

Arches & Halos will be the go to destination for everything brow! Anyone can now experience how easy and simple it is to achieve Goddess like brows from the Brow Master herself, Tonya Crooks.

Embodied Brows. Embodied Beauty.

Be Bold. Be Graceful. Be Light. Be You.