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Tweezers – Grooming & Detailed Plucking Tool For Eyebrows

Tweezers – Grooming & Detailed Plucking Tool For Eyebrows

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Pluck each hair on the first try with this precise, surgical stainless steel tweezer. It reduces hair breakage and makes quick work of cleaning up the look of your brows.

  • Ophthalmologist & Dermatologist Tested
  • Made With Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Rust-Proof
  • Professional Grade
  • Limits Brow Hair Breakage

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Freshen up your brows between waxing appointments with these ultra-precise tweezers. The triple-pounded surgical stainless steel tips are rust-proof, so you’re set for life with this quality grooming tool. The elongated steel prongs offer more surface area when plucking so that you can easily grab the exact hair you want on the first try; and, it ensure you have success doing so to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or cause hair breakage that lends itself to a messy brow look. For the best results, tweeze one hair at a time so that you don’t grab too many at once and find you’ve removed too much of the brows. You should also pull out each hair at the angle of growth rather than against it to make the removal process easier and painless. The result will be a flawless brow shape free from unwanted stray hairs. Use these in combination with scissors and razors for the ultimate at-home brow care kit.



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